I Like PINK and I’m not a Girl

My earliest memory of an “art experience” in Miami.

I love PINK.

Let me be straight with you and

not color your world TOO BEAUTIFUL

I carry pain, all humans do.

The vulnerability I feel, most of the time, is why I am compelled to make Art.

April Marten, Untitled №2, Frances Wasn’t a Saint, 2019.

I am pulling from a legacy of intergenerational pain,

mine and the collective’s.

I choose to be the container of it, just long enough to synthesize it,

into a candy-coated aesthetic, covering deep existential concern.

A philosophy of sorts develops,

A way of looking, seeing, developing, containing, ordering,

An extra-verbal artistic language,

Sight, sound, smell, touch, taste,

proprioception, equilibrioception, nociception, chronoception.

April Marten, Gender Reveal, 2018.

The intersection of painting, theatre, installation and sculpture, informs how I work, in part.

The body is the glue, bringing it all together, via performance.

Digital media functions as a capturing and ordering device,

a new category of art emerges,


I am interested in tapping into the unseen, un-namable,

the space between where I begin and you end,

the space between where we temporally exist in fleshed-breathing-bodies and the edges of atmospheric infinity,

a yoga-nidra of sorts,

between wake and sleep,

between objectness and experience,

it has its place in Art.

Lygia Clark: The Abandonment of Art, 1948–1988

Lygia Clark, was going somewhere, with her “psycho-social” ☾ relational objects.

I am going further,

Deep into the wilds

and back again,

first to the world’s oldest-known color, pigments of bright pink,

Potion for a Heartbreak, 2020/2021
April Marten, Potion for a Heartbreak, 2020/2021

the “brightest pink molecules representing the earliest colored molecules in the geological record, about 1.1 billion years old.” ☽

Operating in the business of where stardust lands, immanence,

I invite you to join me in a new and visionary relationship with the mundane, material world,

A relationship that allows us to fully Sense

in new and exciting ways,

the capacity of

l o v e & PINK.

April Marten, Potion for a Heartbreak, 2021, Performance, Installation

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April Marten

April Marten is a U.S. based artist, working across media. Breaking with inherited cultic ideologies, she is examining the social imaginary via Art.